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Crystal Software Services
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Image to notepad or ms word conversion
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Image to notepad or ms word conversion

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image to notepad, ms word, and ms excel

Crystal Logic Private Limited made Software for all types of DATA ENTRY and FORM FILLING Images to Notepad, Ms. Word, and Ms excel, etc... which client needed formats.

  • jpg into Notepad

  • jpeg into Excel

  • gif into Ms. Word

  • png into text

  • tiff into Editable format

  • pdf into Editable text

For these types of questions, there is only one answer is Crystal Logics Private Limited. For more related click, the above button read more.

Crystal Logics Private Limited made a SECURE and NON-IDENTIFIED automation / Auto Typing software for all types of Form Filling Projects

  • Air Craft Form Filling

  • Bankruptcy Form Filling

  • Debtor Form Filling

  • Blue World Form Filling

  • Us Hospital Form Filling

  • Health Form Filling

  • Mi Demographic Form Filling

  • Us Restaurant Form Filling

  • Medicare Form Filling

  • Medical Db Form Filling

  • Mortgage Form Filling

  • Online Form Filling etc...

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Crystal Logic Private Limited made Software for all types of DATA ENTRY Projects Proof Read software to Achieve 100% Accuracy. 


Proof Read Software is giving help to Identify and easily correct your converted or Typed data errors.


It will automatically identify grammatical errors and be shown in a different color to recognize. 

We Don't have any Branches. All our Software are licensed 
icr software copyright
crystal icr 2.5
crystal icr 3.0 limited edition copyright

Crystal Logic Private Limited.

Proof Reading / QC Software


Image to Notepad, Word, Excel

image to notepad

Automation / Auto typing

crystal icr services

In data entry projects (or) form filling projects, accuracy percent is necessary. If we do not achieve accuracy, we will not get a payment. Crystal logics private limited introduced spell checking or error checking software, called proofread software or QC software. It is semi-automated software, not fully automated software.


 We are providing crystal proofread software to so many clients. They are using our software and getting good payouts. 

Image to text typing is not easy to type one page after another page, like that in a day how many data images will be able to type manually? Hardly per day, the typer will sort only 10 to 12 data images. If your employee type like this, when will your project go to complete?
Your company will not give the whole a month to submit the work.
They will give the limited time you have to submit the work within time with acceptable accuracy, it possible with manual typing?
Definitely No, Now Crystal Logics Private Limited introduced Conversion software from any type of images to editable format like text, word, excel.
With Crystal I C R, you can able to convert all images within a day, and with all of the remaining time, you will get a chance to check errors or mistakes.
Then you will get good accuracy, and you can able to submit the work in time.

In BPO projects or Form filling projects, manually typing is very tough. With manual typing, it is not easy to do complete a project in time.

 Using our software conversion, you will not get late anymore, no need to type anything. Crystal Auto Typer will type all content from the excel sheet to your company provided software.

 However, in any software process of changing images into text (Excel), in some areas of images identifying alphabets is very difficult for any software.

 In that particular area, alphabets will type wrongly in conversion.

 With our auto typing software, you can reduce typing time at the same time. We will get more time to correct errors to achieve prosperity accuracy.

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For More details contact us:

Mr. Sri Kumar Raja (MD)
+91 95335 99282
Mr. Giridhar (TL)
+91 99893 66116

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