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Crystal Auto Typer Software

Crystal Auto Typer Software for all FORM FILLING and DATA ENTRY PROJECTS.

Crystal Logics Pvt. Ltd.
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We are providing software solutions for all data entry projects and BPO projects.

Image Conversion : 

                      Our services are Converting images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .bmp, .zip, .tiff.....) into notepad, MS word, MS excel and client provided software formats like .xtt .dxt ....etc.


Crystal ICR Software sales: 

                     Software sales for an image to notepad and image to MS word. Crystal Limited Edition Software for single/multiple systems or pc. For every different, font there is different software proving.


Crystal Auto Type Software: 

                     Crystal Auto Type Software sales for single and multiple systems or pc. Crystal Auto typing software will reduce your typing time and increase error checking time to achieve your form filling project 100% accuracy.


Crystal Proof Read Software : 

                   In any conversion, we will not get 100% accuracy. To achieve a 100% accurate quality, Crystal Proof Read Software will help you so much. It will guide you and highlight grammatical errors in your converted data.


Encrypt files to Decrypt images: 

                  Some of the Form filling project companies are protecting their images as they don't want to give out original images. They are going to Encrypt images. Encrypted files will open their own software. Outside it will not appear on the computer. Crystal Private Limited will Decrypt images from Encrypted files. With our services, you can able to convert all images from encrypted files into notepad. We have to chance to achieve good accuracy for that Bpo project.

How to Convert Image into Notped ?

  • Image to Notepad (or) Editable Text typing is difficult to type with a manual typer.

  • I C R is sophisticated software for converting images into Text.

  • Standard OCR did not give accurate conversion while comparing with ICR conversion.

  • OCR was not capable of cursive writing images to convert into Notepad, but CRYSTAL ICR converts all types of cursive and typical writing images into Notepad with superior accuracy.

How to Convert Image into

Ms Word ?

1 ms word imahe.png
2 ms word imahe.png
Untitled Project.gif
  • Crystal Logic Private Limited providing all types of image conversion into Ms. Word.

  • Cursive, Italic, Bold writing images also able to bring an editable MsWord text with CRYSTAL ICR.

  • CRYSTAL ICR convert ms word files with alignment. With OCR, conversion alignment is not expectable in the ms word file.

  • Our Crystal ICR will convert all types of data images in to MsWord. (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .pdf, .bmp ...).

How to Convert Image into

Ms Excel ?

  • Manual typing and conversion of images into excel is a very challenging process.

  • OCR was not able to bring text into excel from the image.

  • ICR is the only software to convert all types of images to excel with superior accuracy.

  • Excel conversion also useful in Form Filling Projects. Auto typer took excel data as well as auto type in any company's provided software.

How to Decrypt images from Encrypted files ?

  • Form Filling and Data entry Companies are going to secure their images.

  • They interchange images into Encrypted files.

  • These Encrypted files will open only in their software.

  • Crystal Logics Pvt Ltd, now Decrypt your organization provided Encrypted files into image.

  • From these images, we can able to convert them into your company-required format.

How to Automate

Formfilling Project ?

auto typing.gif
  • Manual typing for Form Filling Project is a time taking process.

  • Companies will give a short time to complete the Form Filling Project, with manual typing cannot be done.

  • Crystal Auto Typer Software reduces manual typing and saves typing time.

  • Meanwhile, during this time, we will get the chance to correct converted excel text errors to achieve efficient accuracy.

How to make qc report ?

How to do proof read ?

proof read.gif
  • For data entry projects, proofreading is a necessary thing. If accuracy levels are not as much as is required, we will not get paid.

  • Crystal Proof Read Software help to identify errors with combine image and notepad file.

  • Crystal Proof Read Software is semi-automated software.

  • We can able to create an error report with the help of Crystal Proof Read Software.

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