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Crystal Auto Typing Software

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Crystal Auto Typer is an automatic typing software.
Crystal Auto Typing Software automates typing process for data entry jobs.
Auto Typer can transfer text to any third-party software such as Notepad RT, Notepad RT++, Notepad RTX, Notepad PX, Notepad Editor 2020 any version of Image to typing, etc.
Data entry auto typing process:
Crystal ICR converts all data entry images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, ,gif) into text format. Install Crystal Auto Typing Software. Open auto typer software. Press the "select text file" button and upload converted text.
Now open your data entry software. Press the auto typing button in Crystal auto typer software, and place the cursor in data entry software.
Auto typing software will automatically type the data.


Manual typing in Notepad RT, Notepad RT++, Notepad RTX, Notepad PX, Notepad Editor 2020 is not easy to complete the work within time.
Even copy paste also does not work in that notepad app software.
But our crystal auto typing software uses your system (or) computer keyboard keystrokes and auto type in notepad app software.
Even we will directly convert all images into .xtt, .dxt, .wrt, .hub format.

1. Crystal Auto Typer, can read the data from any text file, and automatically type that text into your Client Software, even if copy paste is disabled.
2. This software supports all type of Editors, such as Search Line Editor, Image to Notepad, OGS Notepad, Text Editor, MF Notepad, Flash Agent, Ruler Notepad etc.,
3. Just select the text file, and click, on the "Transfer Text" button, to start typing in your software.
4. In this, you can also adjust the typing speed, according to your convenience.
5. This software is very user-friendly and convenient. No installation is needed.
6. We guarantee that our auto typer will do the typing, exactly like manual typing.
7. No one can identify that it has been typed with a software.
8. After the auto typing is completed, you can save it.
9. Then select another text file to start auto typing again.
10. With this automatic typing software, you can complete your project easily and fast with 100% accuracy.

Crystal Auto Typer Software (Image to Notepad)

For Crystal Form Filling Auto Typing Software, contact us:

Mr. Sri Kumar Raja (MD)
+91 95335 99282


Mr. Giridhar (TL)
+91 99893 66116

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