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auto typer for data entry software

auto typer for data entry software | Notepad RT | .xtt | Crystal Auto Typer

Welcome to Crystal Logics Private Limited.

This video is about auto typer for data entry software.

Crystal data entry auto typer is an advanced artificial intelligent automatic typing software.

Crystal notepad rt data entry auto typer automates typing process for your data entry job.

The auto typer simulates keyboard strokes to type anywhere.

Hence, Crystal rt notepad auto typing software is used to transfer text into any client software. Such as notepad rt, notepad rtx++, notepad px, notepad editor 2020, Ebook Notepad App, Notepad App, any version of the image to typing, etc.

JPEG image to Text Conversion:

Crystal ICR software converts JPEG images into text format.

Manual typing for jpeg images to notepad rt is difficult.

Image to text conversion done using CRYSTAL ICR (Intelligent Character Recognization) Software. Crystal Logics Private Limited will provide conversion services for this notepad rt data entry.

Notepad RT++ Auto Typer:

In Notepad RT++ copy paste option is disabled by the company.

Crystal Auto Typer to automatically type text in the client's notepad. Crystal Auto Typer takes the text or word file as an input and types it on any notepad application.

In this complete process, we are automating the keyboard to type. Click on the start auto typing button and typing starts automatically at the cursor.

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With all the features listed above, it becomes the more advanced software that uses keyboard strokes and random speed (on selection).

It hardens the client to detect automation.

It has a very user-friendly interface allowing the user to expand/collapse window size.

We recommend you to watch the demo video given below

Thanks for watching

for more details contact us

Mr. Sri Kumar Raja (MD)

+91 95335 99282

Mr. Giridhar (TL)

+91 99893 66116

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